A precious opportunity for your heart, body & mind to unwind, relax, surrender and let go. Give yourself permission to leave your busy schedule behind. Inez's gentle guided meditation  with time during the class for discussion — will teach you how to come into the moment with self-compassion.


Meditation classes:

  • Weekly meditation and talk Friday evenings in Malvern from 6pm-7pm. $20 waged; $15 unwaged.  Bookings & pre-payment essential. Bookings via email: ahappyheart@zoho.com
  • Inez is also available to teach private meditation sessions in person or on Skype. Private session (60 minutes: includes consultation and meditation instruction). $70 full/$55 concession. Price includes receiving a personalised meditation recording from Inez after your class that will be specifically tailored towards your personality and experience level so that you may continue your practice at home. Duration of recording according to your needs.


The benefits of meditation are extensive and begin from the moment you start practising  even if all you seem to notice for the first little while is a busy mind that likes to follow its own thoughts! 

Cognitive science has shown that the more our minds wander, the more likely we are to worry about the future (which creates anxiety) and ruminate on the past. For example we may obsess over and over again about what we didn't do 'right' or what we have yet to do. This creates enormous amounts of stress and inflammation in our minds and bodies. A recent landmark study from Harvard University concluded mind-wandering leads to increased feelings of unhappiness. [1]

By learning how to focus on the present moment, people who meditate establish new neural pathways that enable them to notice and put a stop to mind-wandering significantly more quickly than non-meditators. This leads to a decrease in stress-induced thoughts. Indeed several studies have shown that meditation decreases the size of the amygdala (the part of the brain responsible for anxiety, stress and fear) while at the same time increasing the neural connections to the pre-frontal cortex (the area responsible for feelings of happiness and wellbeing).

Other benefits include improved mood, a decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression, improved sleep, improved concentration, decreased reactivity leading to better relationships, and an increase in the desire to be kind to oneself and others.

To support the practice of mindfulness, Inez places special emphasis on teaching meditation techniques that awaken self-compassion and the tenderness of the heart. As our capacity to come into the moment with a kind heart increases, we become more resilient, we feel less fearful of life and more energised to live from the fullness of who we truly are.

If you've never meditated before or you've tried it and found it difficult, the Heart meditation is a wonderful practice for beginners. Mindfulness meditation can sometimes feel stressful for the inexperienced meditator who expects a quiet mind but commonly encounters busy thinking. Thus, in the Heart meditation we don't worry about trying to calm our thoughts — thoughts are a natural phenomenon of the mind and will happen anyway. Instead, we gently turn our attention to our heart and to cultivating feelings of compassion, sometimes defined as a tender and kindly attitude towards ourselves and others no matter how are lives are unfolding in this precious moment.

[1] Killingsworth, M.A. & Gilbert, D.T.,  'A Wandering Mind is an Unhappy Mind', in Science, Vol. 330, No. 6006 (12 November 2010), p. 932